Friday, February 19, 2010

Too little too late

President Obama appeared to a Town Hall crowd today here in Las Vegas today. The meeting was held at Green Valley High School which is dead center in the shopping area of Henderson. We were in the vicinity during the time of his appearance to the crowd but we stayed away from that specific area. I was anticipating large traffic jams but none were to be found.

On Fox News Report Bret Baier reported that President Obama told the crowd "he wanted Las Vegas to prosper" and "he loves Las Vegas." Well, President Obama, that's too little too late. Back when you made your first derogatory comment towards Las Vegas, the economy was just beginning to fall over the edge and layoffs at our hotels were just beginning. By the time your second comment was made, our unemployment rate was over 13%, home repossessions were the the highest in the nation and to top it off we have Harry Reid running for re-election. Our native son should have been on top of our problems long before you came into office President Obama, but he did nothing but encourage the problems we have with his sidekick Nancy Pelosi.

President Obama I doubt your visit to Las Vegas has much impact on Harry Reid's re-election. We are watching as the Democrats continue to play back room games with the health care program. If your two little girls tried to get by the half truths to you when you were questioning them as you do to the citizens of the United States, I know you wouldn't be too happy with them. Well, neither are we President Obama. The idea that your Health Care ideas are going to cover all but in reality not all is a hypocritical lie. We don't want your false promises, we don't want the changes you promises because your type of change has not been good for our country.

Finally, the idea that our troops in Afghanistan can not fight the war appropriately but use kid glove tactics will result in harm on our troops. The enemy is smart and shrewd and they have figured out the White House pacifist ideas with the dangerous rules of engagement. You cannot approach winning with a smile and a kind word, it will result in a huge stab in the back and a loss of our military troops.

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