Monday, May 30, 2011


On Fox News this afternoon there was a poll for viewers.  The poll gave a choice of who you prefer for president - Michele Bachmann or Sarah Palin.  I didn't take the poll but I was surprised at the results

I really dread going through another year of campaigning.  It seems like it never ends now.  I told my husband I will probably stop watching the news as the Republicans all throw their hats into the ring and get moving on the campaign trail to Iowa and then New England.  It's all so tedious and redundant. We've heard it all before, same thing over and over again only in a different tone and a different voice.  There should be a law against campaigning all year long.  Never mind the individual hasn't actually said "I'm going to run for President!" the actions are first and foremost on the TV news even before they announce.

Maybe we should change the way the news broadcast.  I think so many things that happen are the result of how the media relates it to their viewers.  We know this, a rational person knows this.  But, we've gone too far, it won't change, we won't change, we're too use to it.  We appreciate it for so long, then we wonder "is this all they've got?"  But, I'm on a different subject.

The winner of the poll, in case you're interested, was Michelle Bachmann, not by a landslide, but enough of a difference.  However, I will say there weren't that many votes all total, maybe because it was a holiday and everyone is out celebrating instead of watching Bret Baier's show.  Bret wasn't even there, someone else was sitting in for him.

I like Michelle Bachmann.  She is a Tea Partier - I'm not.  I'm all for what the Tea Party stands for - I think it's great people like me have the time and energy to do what they've done to speak out for what they believe.  It's fantastic.  But, personally, I don't think Mrs. Bachmann, as honorable a person and experienced as she is, she doesn't have the real "fire in her belly" to WIN it!!!  That is the name of the game - THE WIN!

I think Sarah Palin has the "Fire in her Belly" but she has little things about her that people don't like.  I hate to say it, I really do, because I LIKE Sarah.  I really do.  I admire her so much.  I think she had more experience than Obama hands down at the beginning of the 2008 election.  But it's her voice - - mind you, it's not what she SAYS but it's the sound of her voice.  Unfortunately no one can help that but it is what it is.  If you were going to try out for a particular acting part in a movie and that part required you to have an accent or not have an accent, you would be given speech lessons.  I'm not saying Sarah should take speech lessons - who am I to give Sarah Palin advice?  But, I know it would help. 

I usually don't pick the winners in most things, not sure why - except for my husband of 47 years.  I thought Donald Trump could guide our country through the financial trials we are enduring and he wouldn't be afraid to stand up against any of our ruthless even doers in foreign countries - he would FIRE them!!!!  AND, he know protocol - he would know when and not when to toast the Queen of England.

And, then there's Governor Perry of Texas.  Great speaker and good leader.  I have my eye on him, but he hasn't thrown his hat in the rings yet.  I voted for Romney once, and that was enough.  He has a "flame" in his belly, but not enough. 

And the rest who have declared in the Republican party, well, who is it?  None of them stir my spirit.  I pray someone will step up to the plate with the Fire in their Belly and a Spark in their Eye and get the job done.  Take the job away from Barack Obama before it's too late. 

I pray for this miracle.

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