Friday, April 1, 2011


It's been over a year since I posted here. Facebook and other activities have possessed my attention.

This afternoon I became so overcome with emotion over the government's announcement that our economy is re-bounding I thought I would throw up!!! I didn't know where to go to get this unhealthy attitude off my mind and I remember this place, so I have returned.

Today I read a post by Andrew Malcolm and he reported on the gas guzzling vehicles that transported President Obama on a trip to Maryland to speak on clean cars. The "presidential parade" was made up of 15 gas powered vehicles, which included 2 limousines and 7 SUVs - no electric cars by the way.

Amazing, is "being green" only meant for the lower class?

We are retired. We haven't traveled in a couple of years. We are a pretty passive stay at home retired senior citizen couple. The other day my husband filled my vehicle up with gas at the cost of $100.00. If we were an active couple, we would have to give it up being active because we couldn't afford to drive anywhere very often. I do not understand how a family can survive this crisis. On every news network show today, the beginning announcement is how well our economy is doing. Are they nuts? I wonder if any Washington beaucrat has gone to the grocery store lately? Have they actually gone to a gas station? Oh wait, they are millionaires and it wouldn't bother them. Also, house prices in my neighborhood has fallen in a sink hole. We had hoped to sell our place and down size.

Our home is a large house - wonderful for raising a family. We purchased this place to take care of our disabled son, we fixed it up with all sorts of handicapped advantages, meanwhile, we also raised a grandson here, and now our son and our granddaughter are living with us because our son lost his job.

When you are retired, you are on a fixed income. When the cost of your insurance premiums for medical insurance and Medicare insurance goes up due to the new Obama health care deal, you are not compensated by a higher wage, no way, not when you're retired. You have to suck it up. We hoped to sell our home to have a nice - not lavish - but comfortable nest egg, but no way now. And we read the CEOs of Fannie and Freddie have been paid million and millions of dollars from our government - Holy Cow, it is a maddening insane world.

It is sickening when two governors try to get their state budgets under control to pay the state's bills and people are so blind to not try to work with the governors to get their job done to pay the bills. NO, it is to their best interest to revolt, to take over and to break the law protesting. I do not understand why people can't understand the reality of what is happening in our country.

I am not a Tea party member, but I am a Conservative. At this point in time, if Donald Trump runs for office I will vote for him. It seems individual politicians, the life styles of politicians and their cohorts, and the vocabulary of politicians are ruining this country. They speak gibberish, say one thing and do something else. Call each other liars without hesitation, without blinking. Today an AARP CEO was being questioned by a Republican concerning AARPs tax exempt status and a Democrat jumped in accusing the Republican of something so absurd it was stupid. This was one of the Democrats who had recently been accused of criminal wrongdoing. He got his hands slapped and was back to work. How do these guys get to have any say so in anything if they broke the law?

This must be a dream!!! And, I hope I wake up soon because if it isn't a dream, we are in for some bad days ahead. In fact, that's what I understand is precisely the idea. Obama is doing everything he can to drive up the cost of gas. His buddy George Soros is going to try to do away with currency as we know it and go to a one world currency - yes, really! All is coming to fulfillment, and there doesn't seem to be anything we can do about it because there are too many people who don't pay attention.