Thursday, October 30, 2008


Ah! Quaint! Thinking of a title for this blog, "speechless' is how I feel because of the closeness of how this campaign competition is shaping up. I do realize in a few days we will have a mode of "speechless" airwaves when the final electronic vote has been cast and absentee ballads have been tallied and we will have a decision on who is our new President. In my gut I know that will not be the end of it, I know if John McCain gets the Presidency, he will be elected by a slim vote and if Obama gets it, there will be lots of controversies and there are already about that man and his background or lack of.

As mentioned previously for the sake of my sanity I have narrowed my news viewing to two TV stations - Fox Network News and our local CBS channel. We have a great panel of news casters on our local CBS channel. When I watch in the morning they report the news as well as throw in some casual interaction which is very humorous. Also, we are fans of the CSI shows and they are on the CBS stations. We're not avid viewers for some of the more el natural programs or the fight to the end or dance your heart out programs. I'd rather be on the computer or reading a book.

As for the politics of the day - Barack Obama had his big Hollywood presentation on TV last night. We didn't watch. I was anxious to hear the reviews on our morning news program but there were no reviews to be heard. Perhaps this afternoon Bill O'Reilly will have something to say. It looks like the percentages of how things are going between the two candidates are close. I am so glad John McCain has pepped up his speeches to the masses. He's a nice guy with a big heart - you know, nice guys finish last, and unfortunately, until the nice guy put on the fighting gloves attitude his campaign was slowly slidding downhill and was becoming a losing battle. He's doing so much better especially now that we have Joe the Plumber and Tito the Builder - isn't America grand!!! I'm glad to see John McCain pepping up the crowds. I'm also glad he's let Sarah Palin loose - I wish he would have let her do her thing months ago. She has a knack for appealing to the common folk and there are a lot of us out there.

Sarah Palin is one tough gal - she is suitable for being in the White House. Any woman who can put up with the crap that has been thrown at her deserves to win.

The more I hear about Barack Obama and the more stuff that seems to keep oozing out of the cracks I become more frightened. There's so much we don't know about this guy. I hate to say it but it's like a cult following. He is good looking and has a winning smile. I'm not too taken with his speeches, in fact, on a scale of 5 to 10 with 10 being the best - I'd give him a 7 for speech making. He says the same thing over and over, well, so do all the others which does become mundane. This morning on the news they were reporting that many of the internet contributors to the Obama campaign were using pre-paid credit cards which means they can be paid under any name and address and since the Obama campaign is not using the usual financially authorized system to verify credit cards, there's no legal paper trail on the donations. Excuse me!!!! Isn't there something inherently wrong with that - - white flags all over the field!!! But, what can they do. Just think about it. If this is the type of business his campaign inspires to, how will our country be run if Obama does become president? Will we have any rights at all?

His campaign has brought in more money than any other in our history. That is amazing and scary - and they don't know where the money is coming from even though there have been rumors the money is coming from foreign contributors which is a no-no and you know folks, we'll never know. The federal government can't work fast enough to check his campaign finances and by the time they get to it, he may be president and do you think for one minute with a Democratic President and Democratic Congress we will have any actual checking on campaign finances of the Obama campaign - heck no!

All we've got is a wing and a prayer - not sure about the wing, but praying is our resource. I know there's plenty of praying going on out there - I receive several prayer emails every day so I'm doing my part - how about you? I've voted and I'm praying - the rest is in God's hand. If you think about it, we need something to turn our country around to a more respectful God fearing land, respecting life and not abortion, freedom of speech and not being afraid to ask a question, and knowing the full truth about a man running for President and knowing who he is and who his friends are.

God bless America and Lord, please take care of us. We thank you for our many blessings.

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