Monday, October 20, 2008


Ten more days to Halloween and fifteen days until the election and then what? Actually, when I think about it the campaigns are grownup Halloween parties. Each "party" offer their bag of goodies to us packaged in a variety of tactical colors and designs and each individualized to tempt us to their programs hallowed cave. Some of the campaign party's management team decorate their stage worse than the scariest house on the block. The "dead guy" that jumps out of the coffin is not unlike the rhetoric we've heard for generations - the body has been dead for so long it's beginning to stink.

I think I am developing heart problems from the stress of their scary tactics. I am sick of the Democrats painting Sarah Palin as inexperienced - give it up will you. For crying out loud - you elected Bill Clinton for two terms, and he was ONLY a governor of a small southern state. Sarah Palin has more experience than Bill Clinton - oh, sorry, Sarah is a woman, that's the difference. Even the women of NOW can't see the difference -0h, but Sarah is a conservative, heaven help her - she saves the children! Please!!! Barack Obama has campaigned three of his years since he's been a senator, I am sick of it! Give me a better reason - it's a two-faced, double standard society! This week Fox News is having a special on Iraq with Bill Hemmer doing the reporting. I wonder how many Democrats really care - probably only if their family members are over there, but the party itself is only enveloped in its self-absorbed partisanship. They can't even convict their own of wrong doing, but Lord knows if it was a Republican doing what Chris Dodd did, he would have been hung.

Yes, we will be voting. We'll be early voting this week, and I'd like to say I'll be glad when it's over, but its never over because when one campaign ends another begins. We've been watching Huckabee on Saturday nights and he has a pretty good show. I have enjoyed hearing other gentlemen of the party who are giving speeches around and I know we did have some good men running - like Romney, and I wonder where we would be right now if we had selected a different candidate - it would probably be the same old thing no matter who we picked.

I know there are a lot of prayers for this campaign, I can only imagine how busy God is, I guess that's why my prayers haven't been answered regarding some personal issues. I wonder if our prayers are organized according to importance or maybe the who's who - nah! Maybe, if I haven't been so good this week, I am put on probation and the answer to my prayers on hold until I do my penitence. Yoo hoo God, I've been good this week, please, may I have..................................! Ha ha - you thought I would tell you - no way. Hope you have a great week and you receive answers from all your prayers today. Take care.

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