Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Governor Sarah Palin

Please help me! After listening to the panel on the Fox News with Brit Hume a few minutes ago and their opinion about why Sarah Palin isn't doing so well, I am depressed. One comment (not word for word) from Charles Krauthammer was her religious position on life and having a baby with Downs Syndrome. It boils down to this in my words that the liberals do not accept the action of a mother when she has a choice to birth a child who is known to have a birth defect. It is the opinion she is looked upon very negatively, this and other reasons why they say she isn't experiences enough to be Vice President.

I just can't believe my ears and my heart is hurting. I sacrificed years of my life to care for my son who was injured in a non-combat accident while he served in with the Army in Germany. I gave up a good job and going to college, we gave up a normal social life and our family dedicated our life to caring for our son until his death. I would not change anything I gave up and would do it again. I also raised a grandson because my daughter has a mental disability and was unable to be responsible at that time.

I have a very liberal friend who made a comment recently about the difference of our political beliefs and I couldn't quite figure out what she was driving at until I heard the Fox panel this afternoon. Then I realized my friend could never understand why my son's life was worth the sacrifice because to me what else it there in life - material things, no, nothing is more important to me and my husband than life. I have had others even physicians question why we would give our time to our son when we could just put him in an institution. God gave me a lot of strength and a lot of love and I certainly didn't want to see my son laying in a VA hospital being mistreated and starved. He had bed sores so deep you could put your fist in it. There are horrible things that happened to that wonderful boy and I couldn't stand by and watch people mistreat him.

I just don't understand how people can look themselves in the mirror and turn around a criticize a mother for loving her children no matter what. They will never know the depth and joy of true love or have the strength to survive through the worst situations because they are so shallow. If because of their narrow mindedness Sarah Palin and John McCain loses this election, there will be something better for them both because they both brought an awareness of the ignorance and prejudice there is in this country and it exist not because of the color of the skin.

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