Saturday, October 25, 2008

Almost here

Only six days until Halloween and the tricker treaters appear and ten days until the election and the scary ads disappear from the TV. We are ready with our Halloween Rice Krispies treats which are individually wrapped and the kids always seems to be glad to get them.

But with regard to the political polls I don't believe any pollster that says Obama is ten points ahead. Have you seen some of the "regular people" being interviewed now? It is refreshing to hear common sense and down to earth opinions rather than the uppities who live beyond my means. Those people that I have heard seemed to agree with me that its a close race. I love it when someone agrees with me!! haha!

Sarah is rocking these days - she has a grand slam momentum going on. Gosh, I hope McCain and Sarah win the election. Sarah's family is awesome and she knows where we are coming from as we raise our families and for those of us who are retired she knows what we have to deal with in our economy. Something else that stuck out in one of the news reports last night - she and John McCain although they agree, she does have ideas beyond what John McCain does and I think this is great - like drilling in Alaska. I think John McCain respects Sarah enough to listen to her ideas or he wouldn't have picked her as his running mate.

Do you realize if we, the U. S., had already been drilling here we wouldn't even be talking about gas station prices being so high. You know the oil barons are cutting back on drilling which means prices are either going to go back up or they won't go down anymore than they are right now. Another thing, even though the price of a barrel of oil has gone down quite a bit, the price at the gas pump hasn't caught up to the lower price. We're screwed no matter which way it goes!

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