Friday, May 1, 2009

Obama's "I have a gift" and Supreme Court Justice Souter retirement

My blogger rights haven't been taken away yet, but I've had commitments elsewhere which kept my mind from filling with blogger chatter. I know its an addiction but I had to take an antidote and stay away from the "blogger" file folder on my desk top - it wasn't easy.

There's so much to chose from going on out there in the MSM and with Fox News - easy pickins for us to post. However, I was a bit besmungined by the latest orator and revelation by Harry Reid that Obama admitted to Senator Reid that he, Obama, "had a gift" with reference to a speech Senator Reid wrote about in his book coming out soon. Oh good heavens - humility is no where to be found on the premise when Obama is in the room. It is great that Obama is so fond of himself that he can reveal this tidbit to Senator Reid, and of course, Senator Reid couldn't pass up the chance to write about it in his book. Can you believe it, even the Senator's wife told him not to write it but Senator Reid couldn't resist.

Today when President Obama announced Supreme Court Justice Souter's decision to retire, President Obama added a few comments relating to Justice Souter's reasons. Previously, the news reporters were saying that Souter didn't like the political environment and looked forward to spending more time at home. Unless I totally misunderstood President Obama's comments, he was blaming the conservatives for running Justice Souter off. Excuse me, Justice Souter has voted liberal and yet remained through President Bush's terms in office, but now he's leaving when President Obama is in office. Justice Souter said "he didn't like the political environment." Well anyone with half a mind would get it - he doesn't like what President Obama and his liberal people are doing around Washington. Or, did I miss something?????

As a Republican I really do feel like a minority, swimming without a paddle and getting blamed for everything. Of course, it is so commonplace for Obama to blame the Bush administration for everything that's wrong and even though the Bush Administration has left town and we know everything is worse than when Obama came to the White House, who else is there to blame, an imaginary friend? And, then there's Senator Spector jumping ship!!! It's almost like a magical adventure land story, too good to be true, but unfortunately it is our life today here in the USA.

I don't entirely remember what it was like back in the day before Newt Gingrich gathered up good and dedicated flock and took Washington by surprise. But I think we are in the same boat now and we need a strong leader because it's a worse time all around. We have several good Republican leaders out there but are they strong enough to fight the good fight - this time I think its different. Back then when Newt came into the Congress, he and President Clinton worked together. You could see there was a respect between the two men. But, this time the Dems out number us - a lot - and I don't know how we will survive this time! Obama came into office chanting "Change." I will begin chanting "Hope" that is hope for a miraculous Republican Comeback! I know we can do it!

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