Sunday, May 17, 2009

Seems all too simple!

I have become accustomed to mistrusting the Democrats. Anything they do and everything they say has an ulterior motive. So, now, we have President Obama doing something to preserve the policies of Former President Bush - well, he isn't really preserving Bush, but the politics - is there an ulterior motive, or, has he really listened and taken the advice of his Commanders who know more than he does when it comes to the military and war. Personally, I believe you have to had served in some capacity to understand the commitment the person has when they put on the uniform. There's no politics involved, it is serving our country and protecting it from harm. They do it willingly certainly not for the notoriety.

I am awe inspired and speechless and grateful President Obama has chosen this path to preserve the photos of the treatment of detainees in Iraq and Afghanistan from the public eye. I hope he doesn't go back on his word and bale in to the groups who can be rather resourceful to get their way.

Although, one positive element if there are additional investigations - the Dems especially Nancy Pelosi who have had loss of memory of who knew and who didn't would be revealed full face with their possible lack of honesty. When have you ever seen a politician do the "two-step" so effectively for so long - Mrs. Pelosi performs "the change my mind soliloquy" seamlessly.

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  1. I think you're right to be skeptical. I'm not sure why Obama's doing it either. Is he actually doing the right thing for the right reason or is he just trying to salvage a little support on the right side of the political spectrum?