Saturday, May 2, 2009

I wanna pair of those shoes!!!!

Have you seen our First Lady out being fancy free with her brand new shoes? First Lady Michelle Obama steps out in Lanvin sneakers and they're only $540! Read more here The article reports she is volunteering at the local Food Bank.

I am at odds to come up with what would I wear to help out at a local food bank, but I don't think it would be an expensive pair of shoes or clothing. Granted, she needs to dress the part for her title, but, well, did we critique Lady Di's attire when she was visiting the poor - or was she more adaptive to her environment and more interested in helping those in need rather than doing a photo op moment!

It is refreshing however that the media is reporting on the First Lady of the White House and the price of her attire rather than the Governor of Alaska. I wonder what designer's wear would First Lady Michelle wear if she went riding on a motorcycle or racing in the Adirondacks. Can you see the headlines now? Wow, the cost of those leather goods would set back the budget a few dollars. I know I am being sarcastic, but why bother with these reports anyhow, unless it is strictly a photo op.

I am watching until she does something constructive with her time. The garden bit was just a photo opportunity. I've put in many gardens and her way wasn't the way! Yes, I know visiting shelters and dishing up food to the homeless and talking to military wives is encouraging - but, can she do it without the camera and publicity? What of it all? The military families need help. I have read it is on the agenda, but what, what does the Obama administration plan doing for the families? What is the Obama administration plan on doing for the homeless - or should that be better left to the states and local government to deal with on the basis of their environment. Showing off the wealthy side of life to the poor of the poorist by bringing the White House staff and serving fancy food is very poor in taste and lacks common sense.

Unfortunately, my budget doesn't accommodate me running out and purchasing a pair of those $540 Lanvin sneakers. Right now I'm wearing a very old pair of worn out sandals that are quite comfortable.

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