Friday, April 24, 2009

I'm going to be rationed - help!

According to Charles Krauthammer's article (read it here) "Obama: The Grand Strategy" - I am an endangered species and if I need a hip replacement I could be in deep doo-doo if Obama's health plan is approved.

I have reached the Age of Medicare this year and should be receiving my card soon. Fortunately, we do have a REAL health care insurance policy to subsidize our health problems. Yes, we are fortunate, but the plan is expensive. The era of knee and hip replacement has been on going for many years, just as medical heart problems, cancer, etc, but according to Mr. Krauthammer's article, if we are old and ready for Heaven's Calling, we could be denied the right to receive certain medical treatment under President Obama's new health care program. Seems to me I've heard about this happening in other countries, but we, as U. S. citizens, have escaped that sort of discrimination in our healthcare system - perhaps so - until now!

The Age of Growing Old Gracefully into the Age of Medicare has been transposed under Obama's plan from Gracefully to If You're Lucky and maybe Medicare would still be there. Would that method of rationing transpose to the need of less nursing homes? Our country will then be occupied by only humans below the age of 55 since that seems to be the age when ailments seem to imposed problems. Can you imagine that? The wisdom of age will be gone.

Another issue on my mind which does not relate to Obama's Health Plan but to his ideas for Green Cars. Look at Obama and his wife - healthy, fit, energetic, he works out constantly, and I would guess so does Michelle. There is a time in every one's life where the inevitability happens and arthritis and other ailments impose their ugly heads in one's life - I'll bet Michelle's mom is plagued with some type of age related ailment. The point is those who have those types of problems and many other illnesses do not have the physical capabilities to get in and out of one of those tennie tiny cars. Do the people in Washington make decisions based on their own physic and health, or are they trying to clone and dictate what they believe should be the norm?

It is inevitable that one day President Obama and Michelle will fall to the old age ills that we all do and he will then understand and realize a "one size fits all" does not apply. I hope by that time we are still a country of freedom of choice and his policies have not forced us to be his clones.

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