Sunday, April 19, 2009

Freedom of Speech is one sided - only for liberals

We are having a beautiful spring Sunday here in southern Nevada which would guarantee anyone to aspire to a positive disposition. I was doing really well until I opened the Sunday newspaper, separated the parts I read and those I dispose of, and then I came to the LV Sun section. When I saw the column about the tea parties the negativity just swirled throughout my emotions.

It is stated on the top of the first page "Locally owned and independent' but on the second page, left corner it is revealed "The Sun is locally owned by the Greenspun family of Las Vegas and has been a separate voice in the community since 1950." The Greenspun family are the Democratic party leaders of our valley. This morning's LV Sun front page left hand column "Where I Stand" is written by Brian Greenspun. Mr. Greenspun's article is titled " 'Tea parties' resembled childish tantrums....Anti-tax rallies attempt at historical perspective was a sham."

As soon as I read only the title of the column, my husband recognized stress bubbling out of the top of my head and reminded me that it was Sunday and I should be cool and not read anything written by the liberal Democrats. As a good wife of 45 years I obeyed and put the newspaper down, but I couldn't let it stop there. Without disobeying, I knew I could write about the basic premise of the article. I will admit, however, that I did not read the complete column by Mr. Greenspan but I have reached my own conclusion. I have been in a feverish pitch all week from hearing rude reporters on CNN and other TV channels and glancing at other newspaper and internet columns with their coverage of the Tea Parties. I have came to the conclusion that the liberal press are bullies and hypocrites. The only individuals who have the freedom to march with acceptance are groups marching for Gay Rights and Abortion rallies, protests against Bush, etc. This march was against the present issues of the current administration and the marchers were comprised of all political backgrounds and they were demonized, chastised and degraded!

Well, Mr. Greenspun, you have a right to your opinion especially since you own the newspaper, but we have a right to have our voices heard. You may think the Tea Party was a sham, but you are writing about it, so there must have been some importance to the opinions of the many who gathered or you wouldn't have written a Sunday column about their issues even though you disagree.

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