Saturday, April 11, 2009

Mellowing out

As a Catholic, this is a very special time of the year and I have made a pact with myself from Holy Thursday until Easter Sunday to be nice and respectful. I promised to refrain from any scrutiny or rebellious opinionated writings. Lent is a time of sacrifice and repentance - although we should do that all the time - but as with tradition, this is the time of the year that demands more of that. I am normally weak of spirit when it comes to blabbing and keeping my opinions to myself is the most difficult, so the past couple of days without blogging here has been rewarding --- well, to a certain point.
Holy Saturday traditionally is the day of waiting, the day before Christ Resurrection. It's also been our family tradition on Holy Saturday we get together and we color eggs. It is a quiet day here. Trucker Don is on the road, Soldier Tom is in Washington DC, and daughter Suz isn't well, so that leaves only hubby, son Kevin, granddaughter Alex and me.
I embrace traditions and tried to instill the importance of our Christian beliefs in our children. I have fond memories of my family traditions and the values they have for me in my life as I grew up. Something as simple as getting together to color eggs as we prepare for one of the holiest days in our church is an everlasting memory. Celebrating the Resurrection together at the dinner table on Sunday, sharing the traditional meal of ham and all the goodies is just one of the many ingredients that keeps the family bond strong.
I have needed a respit from worrying and agnozing about our political problems. Although, it's almost like a soap opera, even if you miss one day of news, generally speaking, the MSM are talking about the same ole thing the next day. Karl Rove is still talking about VP Biden and that's ole news.
Sending best wishes and prayers from our home to yours. May you have a wonderful Easter.

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