Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Forbes On Obama's French Town Hall: 'That Was A Campaign Speech To A Very Left-Wing Audience'

We've all heard these words of President Obama's on the news reports recently and also his arrogance and missteps haven't ended with what he says in this video.

This morning's reporting has President Obama speaking again to a group of students in Turkey. The appearance to me was staged as though he was a professor giving a lesson to his students rather than the President of the United States speaking to a foreign audience. This arena would be in his comfort level, wouldn't it? In addition,

To what level do we hold this man? He is dictating to other countries while at the same time he is blaming the previous administration of the same actions. Amazingly, his popularity remains intact and he continues to poll at a high percentage of acceptance.

If the Congress was a majority of Republicans or a balance, rules would not have have been changed so quickly. But, with the Democrats in power, President Obama is sweeping his policies quickly over our nation before we can take a second breath. We are not accustomed to being snowballed so obviously. We've usually had time to think it over but President Obama and his followers have come in like gangbusters to enforce change without discussion. When there is balance in the Congress, we can say "not so fast." But not this time. Obama said "change" and change we're getting. I am certain those voters who were ready for change from the Bush administration and voted for Obama didn't realize what kind of change they were going to get with Obama.


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