Thursday, April 9, 2009

Was it or Wasn't it?

That is the question - what's in a bow? Was he picking up a nickel on the floor, picking lint off his pants, dying his shoes, or as has been stated via the White House, he was bowing down to shake the King's hand because the King is short and he is tall. Whoa! Brother, that's good!

More importantly, with the news Wells Fargo has made a profit. Here's a quote from Fox Business (click here ) "(WFC: 18.62, 3.74, 25.13%) gave a boost to the markets Thursday morning after the mostly West Coast bank said it sees it earning $3 billion, 55 cents per share in the first quarter, widely topping estimates for 23 cents per share and the $2 billion profit the bank earned this time last year. Shares of Wells soared more than 30% in early market action."
With that news, President Obama will not be accepting payment from Wells Fargo for the stimulas paid to them.

Heard the latest - the Obama Administration is going to attempt to control the weather. Gee whiz! I hope it works, we really do need rain here in Southern Nevada. Ha! An experienced weather man said on Foxs News this morning, all they would be doing is putting polution into the atmosphere similar to the smoke stacks we have today. They fly above the clouds and admit this special polutants into the airspace above the clouds. Groovy!

Best wishes and prayers for the American Capt. Richard Phillips. He gave himself up to free hijacked vessel. The Fox News report a few minutes ago, the boat he was in with the pirates was out of gas.

Lots more going on in today's news. Have you checked out the new Fox Nation? It's really cool. Go there from here.

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