Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Call me unrealistic, if you must!

I was reading an article in by Camille Paglia and I was surprised by the tone of her response to a letter from a reader. I have this impression "Salon" is a liberal publication and I would never see anything in the least supporting any Conservative, but I guess I am wrong. The headline of Camille Paglia's article caught my eye in this morning's which I check faithfully early every morning and in the evening. The title of the article related to whether "Palin can ever come back ." Surprisingly, Camille Paglia's reply to the gentleman's questions was similar to how I have felt and I am very comforted to see it in the written press. You can read the full text of her reply here.

I know first hand how difficult it is as a woman to be committed to both family and a job. Governor Sarah Palin has been blessed with generous skills of organization and love. She has prospered well in both lifestyles of being a public servant and a wife, mother and her own person. She has also been fortunate to have a very loving and accepting husband without whom she couldn't have accomplished what she has. Her children are blessed with the abundant love from both parents and have demonstrated their bond as a family many times on the public stage. The other family who has been in the public political eye has been the Kennedys. They also experience a close bond, a deep commitment and also tragedies. They also had a disabled child in their family.

I do find extreme contradictions in the way the families are treated by the media and I believe it is because of the gender of the politician as well as the financial background. I am convinced that Governor Sarah Palin has been the blunt of so much ill publicity and lies because she is a woman. No man would have to put up with the enormous baseless stories. She is a strong woman and I believe even women might feel agitated and compromised by Sarah's aggressive authority even though she is a committed organizer and get it done person. Women might also fear her and be jealous. Why else would a blogger from Alaska be one of the thorn in the side of Sarah Palin? Yes, there is the Freedom of Speech issue, but lies are not apart of our freedom.

Personally, I wish she had pursued her aggressors in a more subtle and quiet manner. She obviously (hopefully) has a good lawyer. For those instigators who are pursuing a route that is illegal, they can be stopped and without her making a sound, the issue pretty much settled. Well, settled as much as it could be in our country run by Democrats with a one-sided view. Oh, was that a slight of hand comment - well, take it as you will!

The important issues in my life are minimum compared to Sarah Palin's trial, but my issue was my son's life. I handled it without fanfare but with action unknown to those who were preforming poorly. It's not a valued comparison I know, but one I know does get results. I've heard opinions from many commentators that I respect and their comments were that Sarah should stop talking about it, and I agree.

It swells my heart and brings tears to my eyes when I see this beautiful young woman who has accomplish all that she has with the magnificent family and terrific husband. I want her to succeed. She does have a glass ceiling to break and she can. She has a lot of work to do before she can succeed in accomplishing that goal. One last word, for some reason and I can't figure out why, I believe the Republican Party is not completely behind her. Why would John McCain's staff treat her so poorly and without respect - maybe I'm wrong on that, it's my gut feeling from what I have read. Are they - the Republican Party - intimidated by this aggressive woman?

I hope she succeeds, I want her to succeed. Whatever she chooses to do, whether it's now or later, I wish her well always. God bless you and your family, Sarah Palin!

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