Sunday, July 26, 2009

On the job training

I believe this is the reasoning most liberals have today however I am not with that majority of thinkers.
Granted the system needs changes and better guidelines and over seekers, but to add more czars and add more committees whether from inside or outside the government is not what is needed. If we are broken now, we need to fix it. If you have a flat tire, you don't go buy a new car but fix the flat. If you think about it, the thinking of adding more agencies is about as bad as what we have been going through with the lending companies - give out credit whether they can pay for it or not.
It's time to stop and take serious evaluation of the good and the bad. Everything is not in disrepair. We definitely do need people who are experienced to do the repair work. Would you hire a pool man to come in a fix your electricity? This is was the Obama administration has been doing - hiring inexperienced individuals to head up agencies.
I guess President Obama is trying his best to pay back to all his faithful friends with top jobs at the White House. It is essential he realizes at some point you can't put an inexperienced person in a top priority job and fix our economy and health care efficiently and effectively. We don't have time to "train on the job" because we are going down the sink hole fast and so far there's no one experienced enough to plug the drain.

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