Friday, September 18, 2009

Obama's Healthcare Program

If you have been attempting to understand what is going on in Washington with regard to health care and what changes are being discussed then you should be congratulated!! Who can keep up? I still don't quite understand what the Government Option is but everyone says its a bad thing and now we don't have to worry because it's been written out! Whew! that was close.

Now Michelle Obama has stepped in and is speaking about health care. She is wearing what the report describes as a "bondage belt" which is something I would never wear unless I was like a size 5. But this wasn't an article about fashion unless on the other hand she was attempting to make a statement about bondage that I am too stupid to "get." In her speech she states that "women suffer under the health care system." Ok, is she trying to make the point woman are in bondage? Now, don't take me wrong, it's good to get a woman's prospective on these things. Mom's are the ones who usually do the doctor bit more than the men as far as taking the kids to the doctor and all those sorts of chores. Personally, I must reply, we have good health insurance, and I can't complain one iota about the care as a woman that I have received either now or when we were very young and struggling. I had serious health issues back then and do now and can't complain about the service I've received. Now, I 'm not saying we don't need to address other issues in our health care system, but they weren't covered in Michelle Obama's speech.

However, I was absolutely bowled over when I read Michelle Malkin's column about the health care system when then citizen Obama and Mrs Obama were leaders of at a Chicago Hospital back in 2006. Why oh Why are these type of facts held back so long and out of sight when there is a very important bill being discussed in Washington that is going to obviously change each and everyone of our lives whether we want it to or not - do we really have a choice?
If our choice is taken away from us and we are forced to accept what someone else thinks is good and it isn't then we fall prey to physician's who may not provide us with the care we need and what we have been accustomed to and we will become like cattle going to market to be slaughtered. If it didn't work for the Obama's and the hospital in Chicago, then it won't work for the whole of the United States.
I am grateful for those Democrats who have the guts to stand up against what President Obama wants and to create a program with the Republicans that will work for all of our American citizens. Oh, we can't forget all the American citizens who have protested and brought our interests to light otherwise the bill would have been passed and who knows what kind of healthcare plan we would have been stuck with - although we still are not sure!

Please do check out Michelle Malkin's article - it is written here at this link. She will fill in all the details about the Obama's and the Chicago hospital.

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