Saturday, November 1, 2008

When does life begin?

With only a couple days left until election day, the question asked by Pastor Rick Warren of Senators McCain and Obama is of central concern to me. The question was "When does life begin?" Senator Obama's reply was so disconcerting and unnerving - I was almost shock and very saddened because I had never heard anyone describe birth without any absolute description as he did. I guess I live in a protected environment. My husband shares the same views on the important life matters as I do. I have heard of people who "believe" in abortion and have known not intimately people who accept abortion without thinking of it as doing anything wrong but to have heard a man who would be President express his thoughts as Senator Obama did at the Saddleback Church debate, I question his ability to be president and judge the well-being of America.

In my sheltered life, perhaps it is because he is an intellect and I've heard their reasoning is different from the common man. They think things on a higher level - perhaps without common sense. But, there are many who are for abortion, and could this be for convenience? The notion they got into the situation of pregnancy in a relationship and didn't want the responsibility or the burden and inconveniency a pregnancy involves so lets do away with "it." - because that's how "they" describe an unborn. Oh God, the mere thought of it makes me sick. There are so many parents who can't have a baby and wait forever to adopt. We have decisions to make and I wonder why some make the decisions they make and obviously don't have to morally pay for them, well, at least not on this earth.

Senator Obama has an aunt living in Boston, I believe. He said he didn't know about her, and oh, it's a step-aunt. She's very poor. He also has a brother who is very poor living in another country. You know - if He can't take care of His own family, how can we expect Senator Obama to take care of us. He lives in an environment that is questionable and yet, people still love him.

We have helped our family when they needed help, without any question - family first. I do question the values of a man who can't answer without hesitation or passing the buck when life begins and also doesn't have any idea about his family or their condition. It seems to me, the only member of his family we've heard about from him are those who have passed away and his living grandmother who is dying, and he only gave her one short day of his time. It seems to me, he didn't want to jeopardise his campaigning for President and that was more of a concern than his family. Even Michelle and the children didn't go to her side with Senator Obama - that wouldn't happen in my family.

It does speak to the character and values of the man who would be President and the woman who would be First Lady.

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