Sunday, November 23, 2008

Green, Drill, Bail Out, Thanksgiving Turkey

I've come to the conclusion there are strings tied to the Big Auto Maker's Bail Out and that is Green Cars. The Democrats don't want to drill, they are assuming they won't have to if the American Auto makers promise to create all green machines. The question will be then - if we have all Green Machines, do we really need oil? What about the rest of us and the vehicles we drive - will they become obsolete in a couple of years? Will every citizen have a green machine? How about those four wheeler truck lovin drivers - you can't do much hauling with a green machine, can you? Lots of questions about going green - and it will take years. And does that mean we will never lose our commitment and ties to the oil countries? How exactly is all this going to come out?

The Dems and the Environmentalists may have won for now especially if the Big Spending Auto Makers from Michigan promise to make the majority of green cars - the deal will be signed sealed and delivered - but the deal won't be cut until after Barack Obama is officially sworn in as President. Heaven forbid - they wouldn't do anything to give credit to President Bush - at least not on purpose.

With Thanksgiving Day quickly approaching, I do give thanks for my family, my home, my dear friends and the opportunities I have living in the United States, but most of all I give thanks for my faith and the love of my husband.

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