Thursday, November 13, 2008

Republican Governor's Association

These are my favorite governors although I think we have been given limited access to the new up and coming political movers and shakers due to the news medias coverage of the Democrats. I found other photos of Gov Palin, but for me, when she is speaking to her Alaska National Guard before they were deployed was the best photo of them all. Can you imagine how she felt since her son was one of the troops being deployed to Iraq?

We have fine Republican individuals who are young and smart on the rise in our party. We must pray for them and keep hope in our heart that next time around they will be chosen to lead our country. But for now, we must also pray for this Democratic party as they lead the U. S. through some of our worse times - even though they are part of the problem.

As several others have said, let's not have the negative bickering about the Obama administration and the United States as was given to the Bush Administration. President Bush did the best with what he had and like has been said - since 9/11, President Bush has protected our country from further attacks - many have forgotten.

God bless America and our future Republican leaders!

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