Tuesday, November 4, 2008

President-elect Barack Obama

It's over but it's just beginning. Almost two years of saturated advertisements and speeches, now what will we do. Alias, no more Republican phone calls. I received so many recorded speeches today, I even listened to them all the way through until the end. I've saved Sarah Palins since she called and my recorder picked it up.

I haven't actually heard John McCain's concession speech - I am sorry I missed it. I want to tell both John McCain and Sarah Palin how sorry we are they didn't win. We are so sad.

We must still continue to pray for our country and pray especially for Barack Obama that God will guide him through His will in all things.

I thought the song from Annie "Tomorrow" was appropriate, because, if we are lucky, there will always be a tomorrow. We must make it the best we can regardless of how disappointed we are our man and woman didn't win.

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