Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Fox News watcher

If I could chuck my habit of reading the newspapers and watching the TV news as a form of throwing a fit - I would, but who would I be hurting, only me. Accepting the loss of my presidential choice is no reason to give up and stop being informed. I do have control of the remote and I do have the right to mute and change channels if I choose, and I value that right and use that right to my benefit - unless Bob gets there first and he has priority.

Today, the big news, it seems, aside from the news on what President-elect Barack Obama was doing today, we are hearing about the arguments and disagreements on the McCain team with Sarah Palin. Maybe I am one sided on this, but that campaign was pretty dull until Sarah joined the team. They selected her pretty late in the game and they expected her to be up to speed immediately. Well, it's a he said she said sort of thing and I think it is pretty dirty trick. I'm beginning to think maybe I made a bad choice if this is the way the McCain team is going to behave. I liked Sarah - she related to us. I think John McCain was a good man, but I think it is very much out of style to pull a trick like this on his choice for VP - what would have happened if they would have won. There had been rumors running for a few weeks now that they would blame Sarah if McCain lost - sorry, folks, it ain't Sarah's fault. You'd better look at yourselves in the mirror and all the goofs you made.

This is a sorry state of affairs, I think. I would vote for Sarah for any political position that I could vote for her.

I am trying to pull myself together and put on a happy face even though I am depressed my choice lost. I certainly don't need the campaign managers of the Republican party of John McCain rubbing mud on my choice of Sarah Palin. Get over it and grow up will you, for crying out loud!!!!! Move on!

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