Sunday, November 9, 2008

Sunday morning news shows

Today I am refraining from watching news shows, although I will admit I watched Fox News for ten minutes. A Republican was speaking on the Republican party and the status of it or lack of status. Yes, it does need an overhaul. The opinions of the Republican leadership seem to be all over the place and there is no unity. It will take four year, most likely, for them to find a good solid trusting leader to guide the leadership in the Congress. I wonder what condition our country will be in then? What will the liberal Democrats have changed in our country?

I have several friends who are afraid for our future and very upset with the outcome of this election. I am not where they are although I am battled by the decisions so many people made to elected Obama. He isn't experienced - he is the lesser experienced of any man to run and win for president - ever! It isn't the color of his skin, it is his background. But, it is what it is and what I fear is what it's going to cost me. I've been poor before and I know how to save money and buy efficiently. I did enjoy going on QVC or HSN internet site and buy stuff, but I don't now. I do tease my husband when we are looking for a good show on TV and we happen to scroll by one of those shopping channels and I say "oh, isn't that beautiful!" I don't need any of that stuff, really!!! And, I'm only teasing. What woman doesn't enjoy spending money on fu-fu stuff, but now is a time to save and preserve what we have.

I am concerned what the cost of a loaf of bread and a gallon of milk will cost in six months. If our taxes are raised, it really won't affect Bob and I so much, but it will affect the younger families. My son needs a job, he has a motorcycle injury, but he's looking for work and he is frantic, he can't find a job. My other son who has a daughter needs a place to live - on one salary there's not a decent affordable place to live in this town. There's no way an average working person can survive on one salary - what has happened to our economy? Raising taxes sure won't solve the problems because then there won't be any jobs at all.

Please take care. I pray willingly for President-elect Barack Obama every day because I can, and because it is the best I can do for my country. We have to ask God to bless him and the Holy Spirit to guide him. If we don't then we have failed as good Christians, and we will be the failures for not asking for God's help on our nation and our leaders.

God bless America, our leaders and our families.

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