Saturday, November 8, 2008

President-elect Barack Obama

Have you noticed the "new signs" and new colors for the new office of "president-elect?" We are definitely in for a change - he said so, but for those of us that are so accustomed to things as we see them everyday, have we not paid attention to what has been changed? I copied this photo with the banner from the Michelle Malkin website. The blue banner was placed on the front of the podium where Barrack Obama was standing. The red markings were put on the banner by someone sent to Michelle. They indicate the questions of the seal and the statement of an "Office of the President Elect" which I and many others didn't know existed until yesterday at Obama's first financial press conference.

Barack Obama lucked out to be born in the time he was born and to give a speech at the Democratic National Convention when he did - that changed the path of his life. Former President Bill Clinton could give a mesmerizing speech too and he did, and he could spellbound the masses and still does. It is a blessing and a gift. I can't do it, I can't even debate with someone who has the opposite opinion. My mouth goes into seizure and my brain cells stops producing endorphins or whatever it does.

Here we have a man because of the color of his skin has rallied the people of the same color, and he gives a speech and rallies more people who because he says he will give change they believe him and he doesn't have anymore skills or education than many who are ordinary everyday people. But, there are those with lots of money who see the potential in this man, and they have a plan. Do you think Barack Obama said "I need a new sign for the podium and I want it blue with an emblem" well no, I think he was concern for helping his people get back into their homes and giving them free gas.

Many of my friends and on the blogs I read voice their reservations and concerns and their fears of what the next four years will bring. I think we have seen many "stage dressings" from day one when Barack Obama entered the race and they - his backers and planners - have more changes planned. Remember, they created his own Obama Presidential seal in the beginning but because of controversy they changed it. They even have a website using the which is specifically a regulated internet web address for only regulated governmental entities not for "presidential elect" conveniences. They are changing things to their way - not what is or has been historically in tact. Will they paint the White House blue, red, or purple? I think we are not only in for changes in policies but interior and exterior surfaces as well. Are they important to you? We have come to take for granted the historical value we have in Washington and our White House and what it looks like today and how it always has been. I am watching to see what changes Barack Obama and his wife Michelle and all of their followers do to my White House. Whoever these people are that are working behind the scenes to promote Barack Obama and their policies, they are very intelligent and creative. Has anyone noticed?

It is an acceptable custom that every new occupant in the White House changes things in some way, and there have been those first ladies who do bring it back to the original look which is our historical past. But, for this new president elect I wonder, if his plans are to completely change my White House to what his perception of what his race has gone through - would that change the whole meaning of the "United" States of America? We have a lot to look forward to, there is a lot of history to be changed in the next four years. Reading Peggy Noonan's column in the Wall Street Journal this morning, she was remember when John F. Kennedy became president and because he was Catholic that was a big deal and the country thought that would change things. But, this is different.

I am a Yankee and I was brought up without some of the feelings I hear, and I am skeptical and even confused. I will continue to watch the external changes - colors, signs, and other superficial things which maybe is not obvious, but is to me obnoxious change.

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